Premises Liability

Every day in the United States, another owner or operator of a commercial property finds itself being sued.

Construction companies, landlords, hotels, stores and nightclubs, and even parking lot owners find themselves defending against claims arising from security, property defects, slips, trips and falls, or even acts of negligent third parties that affect them.

Legal issues arising from the ownership, operation or management of commercial properties can represent an existential threat to businesses large and small. It pays to have attorneys on your team who understand the complex legal issues arising from this area of the law. Our lawyers can draft that contract to protect you in the event of a claim. If it’s too late and suit is imminent or in the works, our lawyers are seasoned before the court on summary judgement and seasoned before the jury should trial be warranted.

At Luther, Collier, Hodges & Cash, we have experienced lawyers who can help you defend yourself against any and all claims.